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Coronavirus COVID-19 - here's what you need know

Coronavirus COVID-19 - here's what you need know
Coronavirus news

a time of sensational news headlines and increasing numbers of infections worldwide, it’s important to travel back to basics. Here are the answers to the foremost common questions:

1. What are the primary symptoms?
These are the foremost common symptoms listed by the planet Health Organization (WHO) presumably to be experienced first:

Dry cough
Other symptoms may include:

Muscle aches
Nasal congestion
Sore throat
Diarrhea (not as common but reported in 3.7% of cases)

2. If it starts lightly, then why do people die?
While about 80% of individuals suffer mild cases, older people (over 60) and people with underlying conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart conditions or pre-existing lung conditions are more likely to become severely ill and die from respiratory failure.
Coronavirus COVID-19 - here's what you need know

3. Will I buy it?
The WHO reports that your risk depends on where you reside or where you've traveled recently because the risk is higher in areas where numbers of individuals have already been diagnosed with the coronavirus.
So, if you're currently in South Africa and haven’t traveled to affected areas, your risk remains low.

 4. How do I prevent it?

And what if you're traveling to or living in an affected area? the simplest thanks to preventing it's to practice proper hygiene meaning going back to basics and frequently washing your hands thoroughly with soap, or an alcohol sanitizer. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
Also, refrain from touching your face and eyes with unwashed hands.
If you're currently wondering about the effectiveness of masks, the WHO states that only those that are already coughing and sneezing, or taking care of others who are coughing and sneezing, should wear a mask.
Coronavirus COVID-19 - here's what you need know

5. What if I buy it?
If you've got traveled to an affected area recently or are in close contact with someone who has traveled to an affected area, you ought to self-isolate and make contact together with your healthcare professional, like your GP, for advice on which steps to take next.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation
Fitness Motivation

Do you want to be more active, but have trouble getting motivated? Starting a replacement habit and sticking there is difficult for several people. numerous things get within the way, and your favorite comfy chair or television program can look very attractive after an extended, busy day. But did you recognize that fitting in only quarter-hour of focused activity every day can start you on the thanks to an energized lifestyle? Who knows where it'll take you!

Here are some tips to assist you to get you started.

1. Have a distraction
Research studies show that folks who have a distraction are more likely to stay with a fitness activity than people that don’t. Brisk walking outdoors provides its own distractions. The scenery and street activity will keep your senses occupied while your feet keep you moving. If you're fitting in your fifteen minutes indoors, hear the radio, play music you enjoy, or work-out while watching your favorite television program.

2. Have a buddy
Research studies also tell us that folks who get active with a buddy find it easier to remain active. Invite your partner, a friend, neighbor or relative, one among your children, or the family dog to hitch you for a 15-minute walk or workout. Make it a time to speak, laugh and connect.

3. Pick a selected time of day
Decide on the simplest time of day to line aside your fifteen minutes so it becomes something to seem forward to and you'll schedule other activities around it. Keep to your scheduled time the maximum amount as possible.

4. Try to not miss each day 
Think of fitting in quarter-hour as a daily activity – like taking a shower within the morning. It is often easy to seek out reasons to not fit-in 15 – there are always numerous other things to try to to. But the more you fit it in, the better it gets until you hardly need to believe it. If you miss each day or two, don’t give up; just fit it in again as soon as you'll.

Canada’s chiropractors are committed to helping Canadians be more physically active. A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) can evaluate your strength and adaptability , and screen for love or money which will limit your physical activities. Ask your chiropractor for an evaluation.

Why you should not cancel your medical care cover

Why you should not cancel your medical care cover
Why you should not cancel your medical care cover

Saving on your monthly contribution might sound like an honest idea until a family emergency and your hospital bill put a dent in your pocket. Here are a couple of reasons why canceling your medical care isn't really a money-saver.
With each passing year, the value of living in South Africa becomes costlier – and therefore the annual increase in medical care contributions simply adds to the present cost. With this in mind, you'll be tempted to cancel your medical care so as to chop down on expenses.

But while you'll economize on your monthly contributions, canceling your medical care outright can have far-reaching negative consequences.

“Should you or someone in your family be faced with an emergency and wish to be admitted to hospital without a medical care policy, it is often absolutely devastating to your financial circumstances,” says Jeremy Yatt, Principal Officer of Fedhealth Medical Scheme. “Even a basic operation like having your wisdom teeth removed where you’re only in the hospital for a couple of hours can cost upwards of R13 000.”
The main reason to not cancel your medical care is that you simply won’t have any medical cover in the least. So, do you have to get to be admitted to the hospital for any reason, or if you fall ill and wish chronic medication, you won’t have any financial help to buy these medical expenses?

While South Africa does have state-run medical facilities where you're charged consistent with what proportion you'll afford, these institutions are typically overcrowded and understaffed, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the care you would like. So, if you’d rather enjoy private medical aid, you’ll be responsible for a bill of thousands or maybe many thousands of Rands – which is way quite the value of your monthly medical care contributions.

Even if you think that you’re healthy and won’t incur medical expenses any time soon, accidents and illness can happen at any time - so it’s never an honest idea to travel without this safety net
Waiting periods

Time Period for Waiting
Some people cancel their medical care policies when times are tough, with the intention of reinstating it again when they’re ready to afford their monthly contributions. “The problem with this is often that as a replacement member (even if you were a member before), you’ll presumably be subjected to a waiting period during which you've got to pay contributions but aren’t covered,” says Yatt.

The length of this waiting period will depend upon factors like your health and the way long you’ve been without medical care cover and may range from a 3 month general waiting period to a 12 month condition-specific waiting period.

Are hospital cash back plans an alternative?

Many people consider hospital cash back plans (HCBPs) as a possible alternative to a medical care policy, but these two products are literally completely different.

A medical care plan – including even the foremost basic hospital plan – will cover most if not all of your expenses do you have to be admitted to hospital, including doctor care, your hospital stay, and any take-home medication. In contrast, an HCBP pays you a daily cash amount while you’re in the hospital which is typically far but the value of a day’s stay in hospital.
So, what’s the alternative?

If you’re struggling financially and are considering abandoning your medical care, it’s worth watching the other avenues to save lots of money, instead of canceling your health coverage. Says Yatt, “Of all the expenses, medical care should be the last one to think about cutting, because if you would like to buy medical expenses, they’re extremely expensive.”

Instead hamper on non-essential expenses like entertainment and travel, and begin a monthly financial budget and stick with it. By taking these steps, you’ll find ways to stretch your money further monthly while still being covered do you have to end up needing medical aid .

Workplace Stress on Mental Health

Workplace Stress on Mental Health
Workplace Stress on Mental Health

A new study in the current online version of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that open workspaces without division between desks help employees to be more active and curb stress.

Reduced stress level
He and his colleagues tracked the physical activity and stress levels of 231 public servants, all of whom were reported to be healthy. Some worked in an open office, either with little division between desks or none at all. Others worked in high-walled cubicles or in fully walled offices.
The study found that people working in open offices were 20% more active in cubicles, and 32% more active than colleagues in private offices.
This can motivate workers to move around in search of privacy when the person or others are entangled with others over the phone.
For three days and two nights, study participants wore instruments to monitor their heart and overall activity. He also completed hourly surveys to track mood swings at work. Finally a longer survey estimated overall stress levels.
After adjusting for a number of factors, including age, gender, and obesity, researchers observed that overall, men were more active in the office than women, and younger and leaner workers were less on the job than their older workers.

Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets
Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

The Vegetarian Diet
Most people are probably familiar with vegetarian food. Animal feeders refrain from eating animal products and feed themselves with fresh fruits and vegetables. Many types of vegetarians are classified by how their individual diets look.
Ovo-Lacto excludes vegetarian meat, poultry, and fish but eat eggs and dairy products.
Ovo-vegans exclude meat products and dairy but allow eggs.
Pescatarians are vegetarians who eat fish as an animal product only.
Pollotarians are vegetarians who only eat poultry as an animal product.
A vegetarian diet has many health benefits, including losing weight, staying away from diabetes, heart disease, and the possibility of less stroke. At first glance, a diet free of meat can make it difficult for you to meet your nutritional needs. However, a balanced plant-based diet caters to all your daily nutritional needs with additional health benefits. You may also worry that you will miss eating meat as a vegetarian. Vegetarian dishes are easy substitutes for animal products and there is a wide range of delicious faux meat products on the market. Vegetarian chili is one of the easiest recipes to convert.
The Vegan Life
Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Much more than vegetarian food. It is a way of life and cruelty-free life for many individuals. Vegetarian diets contain plant-based foods with the complete absence of any animal products. This includes eggs, dairy, honey, and other animal product derivatives. Animal by-products appear in many commodities in the market. With the philosophy of a cruelty-free vegetarian, one should avoid buying or using any product that includes animal products such as leather. As vegetarians approach life with sympathy for animals and animal welfare is important for many people who maintain this diet and lifestyle.

Vegetarian people enjoy the same health benefits as vegetarian people. Once you know that some products like eggs and dairy require alternatives, cooking vegetarian is quite easy. Non-dairy milk, butter, and cheeses are readily available. Banana, apple sauce or tofu can be used to replace eggs in a recipe. Vegetarian dishes are easily adapted from vegetarian ones. Many are quite tasty and creative! Nutrition and taste are not something that needs to be sacrificed while being vegetarian. A vegetarian life lets you eat healthily by focusing on compassion for animals and then the environment while boosting your soul and heart.

While both of these diets are rewarding and healthy, always check with your doctor before beginning any major dietary change. There is no dearth of delicious vegetarian or vegetarian dishes. Don't be afraid to eat dinner and try to mix things up!

Friday, 17 April 2020

Regular Yoga Practice for Good Health

Regular Yoga Practice for Good Health

Regular Yoga Practice for Good Health

Do regular Yoga if you want to have a healthy heart. According to a new study daily yoga exercise with breathing, stretching, meditation and relaxation improve heart health. The study suggests symbols of a healthy heart have been shown in higher percentages in people who do yoga regularly in comparison to those who don’t do yoga. The basic reason for heart disease is stress as situations with high-stress increase BP and heart rate. Yoga can easily control this stress and if stress sis controlled your heart is always healthy. This has been proved that people who perform yoga at least thrice a week has been shown to reduce BP and pulse rate.

Importance of yoga for a healthy life
Regular Yoga Practice for Good Health

A healthy body is essential to enjoy life. Complete and regular practice of yoga can provide a great deal of health. Yoga is not those forms of vigorous practice. Rather, it is a form of systematic and rhythmic movements that have to be performed one by one. Breathing pattern is important in "ASANS". A proper yoga follower should follow a set of routines for exercise, rest and diet for maximum results. Yoga is done to attain peace and it is done in peace. There is no extreme motion in yoga. Yoga can be done by people of all ages and even by sick people. However, sick people should consult a specialist who is required to avoid or avoid the exercises to be done.

A holistic approach to combining mantra and meditation during exercise and yoga produces many changes in our thoughts and mindset. It frees us from intoxication, enhances our memory, keeps our mind cool and overall makes us more energetic, effective and creates self-control in us.

Yoga is indeed an art of living. It is an ancient art by sage Patanjali. It is timeless because it is very much in relevance to the need of today, although it was built centuries ago.

How to remove dark circles at home

How to remove dark circles at home
How to remove dark circles at home

The dark circle has emerged as a serious problem, especially in the youth. People are ready to use any medication or treatment permanently to remove them. Most people question the treatment of the dark circle, but according to experts, if you follow the treatment regularly and correctly, it is very possible to remove them without any side effects. Dark Circle occurs due to blood leakage in the capillaries located under the eyes.

The best way to remove the dark circle is to know the reasons first and start treatment accordingly. Vitamin A and C are essential for treatment, keep them regularly. It is advisable not to start any treatment from home, consult a dermatologist and follow the instructions. People apply a different kinds of make-up to hide the dark circle but this method does not give your lasting solution and it can be risky for the skin.
There are many creams, gels, serum available on the market. You can consult a doctor and any of them can apply. If you want to permanently remove the dark circle, then you have to use the best ingredients and treatments for skin.

Five Natural Remedies for Face
1. Almond oil
A perfect specialty fixing that benefits the skin around your eyes. Strengthen the sweet almond oil with vitamin E oil and have your dark circle history ... Also, these fixings are really something that is prominent in every family unit.

• Before sacking, apply some almond oil on your dark circle and rubbing it in the skin aroma.
• Leave the oil on the medium term.
• Wash it with cold water the next morning.
• Repeat till this point until your dark circles are no more.

Keep those Hollywood motion pictures in mind, where girls' square measure looked useless at a spa with cucumber cut on their eyes? So, there is a reason for the last glow. With the help of skin and lightly fluctuating properties, the square measure of cucumbers is fully prepared to organize those rake eyes. Even higher, they are quiet and still excited.

• Cut a crisp cucumber into a thick cut and cool it for about 30 minutes.
• Keep cuts on the dark circle for approximately 10 minutes.
• Wash the area completely with water.
• Repeat this process twice a day for multi-week to achieve results.

3. Raw Potatoes
The important common endangered operators in potato and use crude oil, they help in the dark circle and decrease the abundance around your eyes.

• Cut out two or three cold potatoes to remove the juice.
• Dry a cotton ball in the juice and keep it on your closed eyes.
• Make any doubts beyond doubt that the juice completely covers the dark circles.
• Allow the juice to sit for about 15 minutes and flush your eyelids well with cold water.
• To get results, repeat on more than one occasion for 2 to 3 weeks in a day.

4. Rosewater
One reason is that mothers have encouraged their youth to flush their eyes with perfumes. It revives the skin and reduces the dark circle because tired eyes are easily affected. As a result of its coherent volatile properties, it works praiseworthy in the form of skin toner.

• Dry cotton cushion in rose water for a few minutes.
• Place the perforated cushion on your closed eyelids.
• Leave them for about 15 minutes.
• To achieve the results, follow this treatment twice a day for 2 - 3 weeks.

5. Tomato
Tomatoes, organic products, which are used as a vegetable, are usually great blackening properties that can help the skin successfully.

• Mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with one spoon of tomato juice.
• Apply this mixture to your dark circle slowly and be able to sit for 10 minutes.
• Rinse well with cold water.
• To achieve the results, follow this treatment twice a day for 2 - 3 weeks.

They say "A man finds every part of the world at home who finds everything". So do not search anywhere for expensive fixes in the dark circle; All items are available in your kitchen.