Monday, 8 June 2020

Mask & Children During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Mask & Children During Coronavirus (COVID-19)
 Mask & Children During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Expert warnings, wearing masks to children under two years old can suffocate. If you wear a mask to your child under two, be careful. This can prove to be dangerous for your child. Doctors of Japan Pediatric Association has warned that parents should not make such a mistake even by mistake. This may cause the child to choke.
Mask Safety for Children
Everyone is required to wear a face mask to avoid coronavirus or Covid-19 prevention. Experts say that coronavirus can survive for one to one and a half hours in the air, so it is necessary to wear a mask while going out of the house so that you can avoid getting infected. Experts say that it will be impossible to follow social distancing once the lockdown is fully opened, so you can protect yourself only by wearing a mask. Research also says that wearing a mask prevents about 90 percent of Coronavirus infection. However, wearing masks is often talked about for elders, but for younger children wearing Mask & Children can be fatal (Mask Safety for Children). We are not saying this but Japan's pediatrics.
Masks are dangerous for a child under two years old
According to Japan's medical group 'Japan Pediatric Association', wearing Masks and Children under two years of age can prove dangerous. Doctors have warned that parents should not make such mistakes even by mistake. Children under the age of two years, if you take them out wearing masks, then they can suffer from Mask Safety for Children.
 Mask & Children During Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Side Effects Of Wearing Masks To Children
There may be difficulty in breathing. Wearing a mask can be dangerous for any child who has trouble breathing. Especially, when the child is less than two years old. This may choke him and cause him to faint. Young children are unable to remove the mask without anyone's help. Wearing a mask during summer can cause red rashes on their skin. They may have trouble breathing.
Heat can increase in the body
 According to the Japan Pediatric Association, air passage from the nose to the lungs of children under two years of age is small. When you wear masks, the pressure on the children's hearts increases. Wearing a mask for a long time increases body heat, which also puts the child at risk of heatstroke. 
The  US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics has also warned young children not to wear masks. They have also termed the application of cloth on the mouth of children below two years of age.
 Applying a mask to the infant it can increase the risk of suffocation. It is difficult to breathe with a mask. Masks are tough, which is not easy to wear and breathe. Wearing a fit mask will not allow them to breathe properly and a loose mask will not provide them protection.
  If the child is having difficulty breathing while wearing a mask, he will not be able to remove it from himself, which may cause him to choke. N95 masks for young children are not yet approved. In order to keep your child safe, take them out of the house less often.  
If parents are coming from outside, clean your hands with soap before touching your child. Teach children older than two years to wash their hands. Do not let them touch your face again and again. Wear a mask while feeding or adopting the child.